About ASDP

The mission of Academic Summit Digital Publishing (ASDP) is to build bridges to knowledge. As an independent organization, we are free to think long-term, free to do more, and free to work together to create lasting relationships that transform and advance knowledge.  

Mission and Values

ASDP's aim is to foster scientific exchange in all forms, across all disciplines. ASDP's guidelines for disseminating open science are based on the following values and guiding principles:

  • Open Access — All of our content is published in open access and distributed under a Creative Commons License, providing free access to science and the latest research, allowing articles to be freely shared and content to be re-used with proper attribution.
  • Simplicity — Offering user-friendly tools and services in one place to enhance the efficiency of our editorial process.
  • Timeliness and Efficiency — Publishing the latest research through thorough editorial work, ensuring a first decision is provided to authors in under 20 days and papers are published within 7-10 days upon acceptance. 
By adhering to these values and principles, MDPI remains committed to advancing scientific knowledge and promoting open science practices.